What is The Wandering Ear?

Well, good question. Let me go ask someone. Just hold on. Okay, I’m back The Wandering Ear is an online music publication, podcast, event series, and radio show based out of Seattle WA. We are dedicated to the feels.

Okay! Cool, but what does that all mean Daniel?

The Wandering Ear was created to talk about how music makes you feel and how it’s attached to a certain feeling/moment. You know that moment when you are sad or happy and you put that one song to make you “feel something” that’s what The Wandering Ear wants to help everyone experience that feeling.

Cool! Why should we subscribe?

Honestly, go ask Daniel or one of his teammates that question. Oh sorry! My bad that was my little sister that typed that. Hopefully, I didn’t lose you. No! seriously you should subscribe because it would make The Wandering Ear very happy. But also more important if you like music, personal stories, storytelling or you just want to be apart of a community of people who love music and talking about music then come join us. Also, I think we are pretty cool but what do I know I’m just some random guy typing on The Wandering Ear Substack.

Where can we find you?

Well, take out a piece of paper and type this. You ready. Okay, type The Wandering Ear and click enter on your piece of paper. Jeez, don’t do that. It won’t work. No! honestly you can find us @thewanderingear on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify. And we are making a cool website so if you get more of your friends maybe we can get it done. Idk.

Lastly! Don’t forget to share and tell your friends.

Hopefully, we didn’t scare you with our dry humor. If you weren’t scared then good. Don’t forget to tell your friends and crew about this, please. It will make us happy and you get a surprise if you share it with your crew. Just tell us and we will make you a playlist.

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